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Unlawful Harassment - Employer Liability


1. While the anti-discrimination statutes seek to remedy discrimination, their primary purpose is to prevent violations.

A. True B. False

2. Harassment does not violate federal law unless it involves discriminatory treatment on the basis of which of the following?

A. Religion B. Age of 40 or older C. Sex D. All of the above

Who Qualifies as a Supervisor?

3. The determination as to whether a harasser has the authority of a supervisor is based on his or her job title.

A. True B. False

4. Which of the following is considered a tangible employment decision?

A. Hiring B. Firing C. Demoting D. All of the above

Harassment by Supervisor That Results in a Tangible Employment Action

5. Altering an individual's job title does not qualify as a tangible employment action if the only effect is which of the following?

A. Change in salary B. Change in benefits C. A bruised ego D. Change of duties

Harassment by Supervisor That Does Not Result in a Tangible Employment Action

6. How often should an employer redistribute copies of the policy and complaint procedure that it provided to every employee?

A. Periodically B. Monthly C. Yearly D. None of the above

7. A complaint procedure should be rigid so that everyone involved knows what to expect and the steps for taking action are laid out clearly.

A. True B. False

8. The fact that there are no eye-witnesses to the alleged harassment does not necessarily defeat the complainant's credibility.

A. True B. False

Small Employers on Employer Liability for Harassment by Supervisors

9. Depending on the state in which the allegation arises, the deadline for filing the EEOC charges is _____ days after the last date of alleged harassment.

A. 30 or 90 B. 180 or 300 C. 90 or 180 D. 90 or 300

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