Legal Policies

Content License

Our courseware includes the text content found on our websites as well as video, audio, and exam questions that make up our courses. You can link to and access our courseware free of charge for personal use. You may not modify or redistribute our courseware under any circumstances.

Although we allow free access for personal use, you may not use our courseware for any commercial purposes without an agreement in place. This includes (but is not limited to) using our courseware for internal training, redistributing our courseware for sale, and copying all or parts of any of our courseware.

If you're interested in licensing our content for commercial purposes or have any other questions, please contact

Anti-Discrimination Policy

EdCompass, LLC is committed to encouraging and sustaining a learning and work community that is free from prohibited discrimination and harassment. The company prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, genetic information, or age in the administration of its policies, educational program, employment, or any other company program or activity.

This policy governs the conduct of all EdCompass, LLC students and employees in connection with company-sponsored programs.

EdCompass, LLC has designated Amanda Arce, Vice President of Operations, as the individual responsible for the coordination and administration of its nondiscrimination policy. Questions or comments about discrimination can be directed to

Proprietary Interest Policy

EdCompass, LLC will disclose, in advance, any proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material to be discussed during the learning event, as well as the source of any third-party compensation related to the presentation. This policy applies to both EdCompass, LLC employees and contractors. If such proprietary/financial interests exist, EdCompass, LLC will publish a disclaimer in marketing or instructional materials for a course

No EdCompass instructor, whether employee or contractor, may present or assist in presenting a CEU course until all pertinent proprietary interests have been disclosed to EdCompass and learners as provided in this policy. Failure to comply may be considered grounds for disciplinary action in the case of employees, or contractual remedy in the case of contractors.

Intellectual Property Policy Policy

EdCompass, LLC understands that intellectual property rights constitute a valuable organizational asset. We strive to both protect these rights and use them effectively. We will both respect other organization’s intellectual property rights and ensure that our course material does not infringe on these rights of others.

Any course material that makes use of copyrighted work must have proof of permission on file from the copyright holder and be properly cited. Each course is checked for intellectual property issues prior to publication to ensure that intellectual property rights are not violated.

EdCompass, LLC owns the rights to all developed courses and materials.

Questions or disputes regarding intellectual property issues can be directed to

Privacy and Information Security Policy

When a learner first signs up for an account, our online system automatically stores all of their account information (including their name, contact information, and license information.) The learner has access, through the online portal, to update their account information if more recent information becomes available.

When a learner successfully completes a learning event, our online system automatically stores details of the completion including the date, the learner’s information, the hours earned, and the score achieved.

Learners have 24/7, online access to the learning portal where they can download a copy of their transcript or individual certificates whenever they need it.

Learner records (including learning information and completed learning events) are never purged and are permanently available. If a learner runs into a technical issue, online chat support is available to assist.