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Improving Nursing Home Quality

Course #: 05-290

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Please Note: This course has varying hours depending on the state in which you're licensed. See Below.

  • District Of Columbia Board of Nursing: 1.00 Hours
  • Florida Board of Nursing: 1.00 Hours
  • Florida Board Of Nursing Home Administrators: 1.00 Hours
  • All Other Organizations: 1.25 Hours
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Course Description

NAB approval #20200320-1.25-A50978-DL

CEU Course Description

The themes outlined in this course guide efforts to continue progress in improving nursing home safety and quality.  The most effective approach to ensure quality is one that mobilizes and integrates all available tools and resources - aligning them in a comprehensive, actionable strategy.  CMS' strategy consists of five interrelated and coordinated approaches, each of which addresses one or more of the Three-Part Aim objectives.  The five approaches covered in this course are: enhance consumer engagement; strengthen survey processes, standards, and enforcement; promote quality improvement; create strategic approaches through partnerships; and advancing quality through innovation and demonstration.

CEU Course Objectives 

  1. Name the objectives included in the Three-Part Aim for improving nursing home quality.
  2. Describe the action themes used to reduce nursing home fires.
  3. Explain all the action themes focused on by the CMS initiatives to reduce nursing home fires.
  4. Explain two goals specifically related to improving care in nursing homes.
  5. Identify the factors responsible for the high incidence of healthcare-acquired infections in nursing homes and the plans for rectifying these detrimental factors.

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System Requirements

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